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Richard Schenker

Profile Updated: September 9, 2008
Richard Schenker
Residing In:
Portland, OR USA
Tanna and Zoe born 2005

Yes! Attending Reunion

I stayed in school as long as possible after Nicolet, first going to UW-Madison and then Cal-Berkeley. I ended up with a Ph.D. from Berkeley in Electrical Engineering in 1997. I only stuck around California for another year or so before moving up to Portland, Oregon where I have been living since. I have been doing research at Intel for the last 11 years or so trying to figure out how to make computer circuits smaller. Besides the Oakland/SF area and Portland I lived briefly in southwestern Germany, New Jersey and Virginia but none more than a few months.

I met my wife, McKinsey in Portland in 1998. We finally got around to getting married in 2004. McKinsey gave birth to twin girls (Tanna & Zoe) in October 2005. I like being a Dad. Portland is great for outdoor activities, before we had kids we used to ski, windsurf and hike as much as we could. We have a German Shepherd Dog, named Tiger who is also part of the family.