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Dana Stern

Profile Updated: September 3, 2008
Dana Stern
Residing In:
Bethesda, MD USA
Mike Rothberg
Jake, born 2001; Evan, born 2004

After high school, I went on to college in St. Louis and law school in Boston. I met my husband, Mike, in college, followed him to law school and married him in 1995. We then moved to Bethesda, Maryland and took jobs practicing law with Washington, D.C. law firms. After a few years of too many billable hours, I left to become deputy general counsel at an investment company located just over the river in Arlington, Virginia. We now have 2 sons (Jake, 6, and Evan, 3), a cat, a house in the suburbs and very busy lives. I'm glad to hear the Reunion will be over Thanskgiving Weekend. We are always in Milwaukee at that time of year.