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Matthew Schrager

Profile Updated: August 12, 2008
Matthew Schrager
Residing In:
Lawrence, KS USA
Professor at the University of Kansas
Zach, born 2005; Samantha, born 2007
Yes! Attending Reunion

Thanks for all the great work on this website, guys. It's really fun to read about and see everybody.

Holy cow, like you, I can't believe it's been 20 years! Now that the legendary Brett Favre, who is basically the same age as we are, is retired, I feel even older.

Went to undergrad at Grinnell College along fellow Nicolet '88ers, Chris Gingerich and Kristine Erickson. After that I went to Indiana University for a Master's in exercise physiology with emphasis on high-altitude physiology. Spent a couple of years in Minneapolis, working, sprint cycling, and cross-country skiing. During that fun time, I met a truly great woman, Pam. We got set up by a friend who met Pam when her cat had a hairball; Pam, who is a vet, took care of that hairball, and I'm very thankful for that hairball.

Moved to Maryland to get my PhD at the University of Maryland in aging/exercise physiology and married Pam. She worked at a big emergency vet clinic in Washington DC (took care of Cheney's and Rumsfeld's dogs) while we lived in Maryland. We were blessed with a wonderful son, Zach, in 2005, and after a few years in a research position at the National Institute on Aging, I took my first professor job at the University of Kansas this past fall. Had no idea that Lawrence, Kansas was such a great place, and things are going well so far. The best part has been the birth of Samantha just before Christmas.

Looking forward to the reunion.

School Story:

I remember getting pulled over by the cops in Rick Barrett's Suburban that was full of stolen pumpkins; having fun in symphonic band with Bill Schmitt and playing the wrong notes really loud on purpose when we had a substitute band teacher; lighting farts and setting off the hotel smoke alarm during a jazz band trip with Eric Weiss and Tom Gelin (who blew out the match); playing with A2Z spin-off bands like Pastor Curfew and Nun Your Business in Battle of the Bands; Coach Reza Namin's inspirational and uplifting halftime (soccer) speeches ("Guys, you're playing like sh*t out there!"), etc.

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