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Sharon Thom Fredericks

Profile Updated: February 21, 2008
Sharon Thom
Residing In:
Woodbury, MN USA
College Professor
CJ, born 1992
Dakota, born 1995
Jackson, born 2003
Zander, born 2004
Yes! Attending Reunion

It has been so interesting reading about how everyone's lives have taken them in different directions. I am actually thinking about coming to the reuntion. I must say that you all have beautiful children. I'll post pictures of mine when I can find one where someone isn't squinting, crying, or pouting.

I attended UW Eau Claire for my undergrad and Masters degrees. I met my husband there and was married in 1991. We have been married for almost 17 years! We had two children while we were living in Eau Claire. We moved back to the Milwaukee area in 1997 where I worked as an early intervention teacher. Then in 2001, we moved to Shawano, WI. I have been working as a college instructor in an Early Childhood/Elementary Education Program at College of Menominee Nation. We had two more children in 2003 and 2004. I have been working on my PhD since 2005 and plan to finish during the summer 2008.

School Story:

I do recall Todd Stapleman running around the art room at Glen Hills with a homemade cape and a stapler, yelling "STAPLE MAN." He was very amusing to us in those days. I also remember him getting me in trouble with Ms. "Melon" Milewski, my middle school nemesis for letting him copy my paper.

I also remember the break dancing trio-Corey Baylor, Thomas Boyd, and Shawn Jenkins. They were pretty amazing!

Mr. Wachs psychology class was pretty entertaining as I recall. He always used to tell us we wouldn't even become human until we turned 18.

I also remember hiding behind our lockers in middle school and high school for fear the teacher was trying to look at us. Were we just paranoid?

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