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Allison Wright

Profile Updated: October 6, 2017
Allison Wright
Residing In:
Suwanee, GA USA
Don't ask please..it's so lame!
Two Dogs! Boxer/Nolan & Papillion/Mocha
Yes! Attending Reunion

Happy "30th" folks! Yep - We're officially OLD AS HELL! LOL!!

School Story:

I STILL miss: Hanging out in the Commons/The 20 minute lunches..I CANNOT believe we ate lunch that quick! (Remember the pizza??!)/ Mr. Holchtrit (Spl?) and that damn harmonica!/Mr. Lemon (my favorite of all)/Ms. Hamilton & her advice/Mr. Knoebel and his break dancing hairdos and outfits/Mr. Glaznap and his "Check Minuses!! I got several of those/Our aerobics instructor(believe she was the basketball coach for the girls team)..and her CORNY a__ exercise dance moves!!/The drama in the girls locker room!!/Cheerleading/The basketball/football games/Me and my crew dressing alike for every event (SO VERY LAME!!)/Everyone meeting at my house so that we could go out later/Hanging out in Felicia (Tucker) McCormick's mother's basement and stealing her car... And hearing Felicia getting yelled at when we returned/ My STUPID, sappy crushes on guys I'd NEVER look at today!...The Beastie Boys!...NWA...etc...etc./Accepting a D in swimming because I was too cute to get in the water/Hanging out with the Juniors and Seniors my freshman year/The parties..so many parties!/The late rides home from school/the weekends/Prom--it ROCKED!/The many cliques me and my clique ran with/I was such a nerd (and still am!)..but somehow I managed to hang with the the fun crowds/...I could go on and on.. Nicolet/those high school years rocked..and I am so happy I enjoyed every minute..

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Allison Wright has a birthday today.
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Allison Wright has a birthday today.
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Allison Wright has a birthday today.
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Allison Wright has a birthday today.
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