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Julie Bojarski Wonders

Profile Updated: January 4, 2011
Julie Bojarski
Residing In:
Glendale, WI USA
Stay at home Mom!
Jaden,born 2003; Cole,born 2004; Basia, born 2006; Tessa, born 2010
Yes! Attending Reunion

I graduated from UW Milwaukee in 1993 with a History degree and minor in Political Science.
I met my husband, Matt, in 1988 and will be celebrating 12 years of marriage but an amazing 20 years together! Before having my beautiful family I pursued sales and was the Director of Sales and Mkt. for the State Lodging Association (The Wisconsin Innkeepers) for 4 1/2 years. It was a great opportunity to travel and the visits to D.C. to meet congressmen, lobbyist and other such people was the best part of an otherwise predicatable sales and advertising position. I never would have imagined that being a mom would be my best job yet! I would love to have more kids and love to cook. Oh, how things have changed!!!!!

We currently own our own logistics business and have offices in Mil, Chicago and Mpls. I am crazy busy with 3 children but still find time to be the President of the Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter of my college sorority.
My husband and I hope to move to Florida and escape the tundra here in Wisconsin! Possibly just a dream!

I feel like the first 20 years after H.S. were great and feel so lucky to look to the future unlike many of our classmates that have passed. God Bless and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

School Story:

I often laugh when I think of all the good times we girls had in Powder Puff Football. We LOVED beating the seniors! Terrible cooking in French class and of course the school dances were always such a blast. Boy, I really held back on my H.S. stories due to not knowing what would be completely appropriate but after reading many of the crazy stories, I had to add a few things as well. Who could forget the Pre-Milwaukee Brewer game party at Croysdales house? After pouring many Milwaukee's Best down our gullets along with other such spirits, we proceeded to RACE on the freeway (multiple cars) to the stadium which looking back, I am glad to be alive but the best part was upon arrival to the game. After finding the perfect parking spots, we were approached by the Milwaukee Brewer Police and half the group was thrown into Brewer Jail for underage drinking! The other half ran for cover and poor Mr. Croysdale had to come and bail out the unlucky ones! No good deed goes undone!

Other mentionables:
*Senior Spring Break to the Bahamas with Katie Lott - Boy, those private school kids know how to party!
*The Nicolet Knight Skellar! When I mention the KS to people, I get combined looks of disbelief and jealousy! I mean really, what H.S. has a place that you could eat popcorn, play pool, watch soaps and listen to Zeppelin all at the same time? We had it so good!
*Bubbles and Bev Barrie!
*Senior Breakfast! I believe it was Bill Morris and Steve Meyers Band playing in the Gym and the sound of Pink Floyd's 'Run Like Hell' will be set in my mind and heart always. God, that was great.
*Sifting your way through the Smoking Lounge! What a luxury for young smokers!
*Post Todd Stapleman Party - Sneaking into the Milwaukee Country Club to Skinny Dip and then being chased out! Yikes! I won't mention any names!
*Jazz Oasis at Summerfest along with breaking the benches at the OLD Rock Stage for a Violent Femmes concert!
The list could go on and on.
I look forward to seeing everyone again and further discussing the trouble we all got into!

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